How to Maintain a Quartz Countertop to Last a Lifetime

What To Do If My Quartzite Countertop Chips?
April 12, 2024
What To Do If My Quartzite Countertop Chips?
April 12, 2024

How to Maintain a Quartz Countertop to Last a Lifetime

Quartz countertops are celebrated for their beauty, durability, and low maintenance, making them a favorite choice among homeowners and designers alike. Composed of natural quartz crystals combined with polymer resins, these engineered stone surfaces are non-porous, stain-resistant, and available in a variety of colors and patterns. To ensure your quartz countertops not only last a lifetime but also maintain their lustrous appeal, follow these essential maintenance tips.

Daily Cleaning Routine

Keep it Simple: The non-porous nature of quartz makes it extremely easy to maintain. For daily cleaning, simply use a soft cloth or sponge with warm water and a mild dish soap. This will be enough to keep your countertops clean and hygienic.

Avoid Harsh Cleaners: Quartz is resistant to staining, but using harsh chemicals can break down the bonds between the resin and quartz. Avoid cleaners that contain bleach or are overly acidic. Stick to pH-neutral cleaners specifically recommended for quartz.

Managing Spills and Stains

Immediate Action: Although quartz is stain-resistant, it's always best to clean spills as soon as they happen. Liquid spills from fruits, vegetables, or other foods should be wiped up promptly to prevent any potential staining.

Deep Cleaning Solutions: For tough stains, use a Mr. Cleaner Magic Eraser, wet and gently scrub the surface in a circular motion.

Protecting from Heat and Scratches

Use Trivets and Cutting Boards: Quartz is durable and scratch-resistant, but it is not scratch-proof. Always use cutting boards when chopping or slicing food. Similarly, although quartz can tolerate moderate temperatures, prolonged exposure to high heat can cause damage. Always use trivets or hot pads when placing hot items directly from the oven or stovetop onto your quartz countertops.

Preventing Physical Damage

Avoid Heavy Impact: While quartz countertops are incredibly durable, they are not flexible and can chip or crack upon impact, especially at the edges. Avoid dropping heavy objects on the countertops and be cautious with heavy pots and pans around the surface

Long-term Care

No Polishing Needed: Quartz countertops do not require sealing or polishing. In fact, trying to polish your quartz countertops can damage the surface. The sheen on quartz countertops is permanent and remains intact with just routine cleaning.

Consistent Look: To ensure your countertops remain uniform in appearance, rotate any countertop appliances or items that regularly sit on the surface to prevent uneven exposure to ambient factors.

Wrap up

By following these simple maintenance tips, your quartz countertops can remain as beautiful as the day they were installed, lasting throughout the years. Remember, the key to longevity with quartz is a combination of routine care, preventive measures, and the use of appropriate cleaning products.

At Elegantly Set in Stone, we understand the importance of preserving the beauty of your home.

If you have more questions about maintaining your quartz countertops or are considering installing quartz in your kitchen or bathroom, don’t hesitate to contact us. Let us help you keep your home looking timeless and elegant for a lifetime.


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